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Customize your LSAT practice with “Create a Quiz”

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There are many ways to prep for the LSAT, but all the experts agree on one piece of advice: practice, practice, practice.

The LSAT tests a lot of skills. How can you make sure your practice program is right for you? Knewton has a new solution: “Create a Quiz.”

Create a Quiz is an interactive study tool that lets you tailor your practice tests to fit your needs. Looking for extra Logic Games work? Design a quiz that tests your Selection and Absolute Ordering skills. Logical Reasoning section giving you trouble? Run through a quiz of Assumption, Parallel Reasoning, and Strengthen/Weaken questions.

You can make as many quizzes as you want, in as many combinations as you can imagine. The quiz tool draws on nearly 2,000 real LSAT questions, and it shows all your results so you can track your progress. Additionally, every question features a detailed explanation written by our team of experts.

Knewton’s Create a Quiz makes LSAT prep personal and adaptive. We give you all the LSAT sections, all the question types, all the explanations—you just decide how you want to use them.


Written by Knewton

August 6, 2009 at 7:17 PM

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