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Knewton Tops Digital Education Category at AO Global 250 Awards

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Knewton_logo_processcolor_thickerDigital Education
Category Winner
Company Name: Knewton
Headquarters: New York, NY
CEO: Jose Ferreira

From the AlwaysOn website:

“With the 2009 AO 250, we sought to find the companies upon which new industries, jobs, and economies will be built. Yes, each company in its own way brings enhanced efficiencies (the gentler form of creative destruction). But more importantly, the companies represented in this list bring hope. No industry can produce jobs, wealth, and economic momentum like the technology industry. Both directly and indirectly what propels the global economy are new ideas and approaches. The AO 250 is the epicenter of the future.

With this list, we launch the coverage of a new category: Digital Education. In an economic landscape where industries are constantly morphing, and where social safety nets are becoming increasingly porous, we need new and innovative approaches to education. People will have longer and more eclectic professional lives, and as such, will need an entirely new mental toolsets. From companies like Knewton and Grockit, which are developing new models for test preparation, to Lumos Labs, which is working to keep minds fit, brains must last longer and do more than ever before.”

Read the whole article here.


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July 29, 2009 at 2:52 PM

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