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A note (and a plug) from our Faculty Manager

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Knewton Faculty Manager, Dave Ingber, responsible for hiring the best GMAT prep and LSAT prep teachers in the world, shares some of his vaunted shtick.

What’s the first thing you do when meet someone? Google search?  Take a look on Facebook? Seeing that my name isn’t especially unique, I figured I’d save you the suspense of a google search.

Here’s what you get when you look up me, David Ingber:

-David Ingber the stand-up comedian (that’s me!)
-David Ingber the jewelry designer (that’s not me)
-David Ingber the prominent rabbi (not me either, but I get his email pretty often)
-David Ingber the author and composer of the new show, “Fantasy Football: The Musical?” which will premiere this fall at the New York Music Theatre Festival (yes, that is me, and yes, I am making a plug)

Now of course I am also the Faculty Director here at Knewton.  I’m quite proud of my work because, if you were to stand in a room with all of the Knewton teachers, you would be in the company of a medical student, a political theorist, an amateur weatherman, a gang prevention specialist, authors, web designers, actors, musicians, and a sun-powered car builders. The common thread among these men and women is, of course,  a passion for education, but the diverse backgrounds and aspirations of our teachers make for a richer classroom experience.

Teaching classes via camera over the internet might, to the casual observer, seem cold and impersonal. This is exactly why we hire the most interesting people we can find to be our teachers.


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July 27, 2009 at 12:51 PM

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