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A word from Rohit, project management intern slash good Ultimate player

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rohitMy name is Rohit and I am an intern from Carnegie Mellon, about to complete my fourth week here at Knewton. My summer project is to conduct a series of usability studies and customer research to explore the current state of our users’ experiences. In other words, I’m finding out what works best on our site, what doesn’t work perfectly–and exactly why people choose our products.

So how’s my experience here so far? To be honest, it’s almost exactly what I was looking for: A small company working hard and wanting to work. I stress “wanting” because it’s absolutely awesome being in an environment where people are dedicated to their work. The culture is very open and friendly, oh… and intelligent. These guys are smart. If I were taking the GMAT I would certainly trust these folks to prepare me. They aced Sporcle’s literature quizzes. Google it…  it’s intense.

For the future I hope that my work lives up to the caliber set at the company, and am excited for the opportunity to make an impact.

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July 2, 2009 at 3:19 PM

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